VIDEO: Denby Dale Piem - Ian McMillan



It's pleasing to the nose
And delightful to the eye
Wait till you taste that Denby Dale pie!
It's a symphony of crust,
Taties, gravy and meat
A Denby Dale pie makes your life complete!
They've been making pies in Denby Dale
For centuries and more
They're as Yorkshire as puddings and good strong ale
You can smell 'em through the cottage door!
They've been eating pies in Denby Dale
Since King George was a youth!
Each massive pie could tell a tale
or a slice of historical truth!
They're making them again
And the pie-maker's art
Is once more close to this town's heart!
So all those in favour
Stand and bellow Aye!
Then have a taste of that there Denby Dale Pie!

© Ian McMillan