Denby Dale: World Record Breakers

September 3rd 1988. A day that made history in Denby Dale.

200 years on from the very first pie, the BBC Radio One Roadshow pitched up in the village to broadcast live from the bicentenary celebrations, with the sun shining down on West Yorkshire after a week’s torrid rain.

A total of over 90,000 people were served their £1 slice of pie during the two-day event, the 1988 creation being Denby Dale’s biggest yet.

20ft long, the pie weighed in at just over 9 tonnes, including 3000kgs of English beef, 3000kgs of potatoes and 700kgs of onions.

Each of the Denby Dale pies seeks to go one step better than the last, with The Denby Dale Bicentenary Pie being just that little bit bigger than 1964’s, The Village Hall Pie, which was comparatively smaller at just 18ft long and 18 inches deep.

With over 170 servers, the pie created on that momentous day went into the Guiness World Records as the World’s largest ever Meat and Potato Pie, officially making Denby Dale a world-record breaking village.

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