We've Joined Country Style Foods!

We’re delighted to announce that we are now part of Country Style Foods.

In becoming part of the Country Style family, we join a number of other brands which also feature prominently throughout UK supermarkets, including the Cadbury and Sara Lee frozen desserts ranges.

Much like our own, Country Style’s operations are rooted in a long-standing tradition, just as the history of Denby Dale’s record-breaking pies remains key to our product of today.

Country Style Foods began as just a single bread shop back in 1960, with the Wood family having been involved in the baking and flour milling industries for over 150 years, our two Yorkshire-based stories developing alongside each other throughout this time.

Since then, the company has grown into a modern craft bakery with a number of large industrial sites across the UK, acting as the main supplier to a number of the country’s major retailers.

As with our pies, Country Style’s baked products are frequently commended by industry-leading experts, including the Quality Food Awards and and the Grocer Own Label Food and Drink Awards, collecting several accolades in 2015.

We share a similar philosophy and outlook on the future; responding to modern developments whilst maintaining the importance of our roots at the core of what we do, meaning that our most recent pie tastes just as good as the very first.

This partnership is one of tradition and high-quality production, and we look forward to sharing a future as successful as our respective pasts.